From: Mr. Mike Ato
Accra Ghana.

Beloved One,
My name is Mr. Mike Ato. I am the Eastern regional branch manager of Barclays Bank Ltd, Ghana in West
Africa.I do not want problems but I just hope you can assist me. I write you this letter in good faith.

I am in control of the sum of one million, eight hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($1,850,000.00) which was
an excess of profit made by our regional eastern branch office in the last quarter of the year 2003, which I
have carefully placed in an Escrow Call Deposit Account and did not declare this to my head office.

Can I really trust you to hold this money for me until I arrive your country and pick it up myself and you deduct
30% of the total money as your commission. If you accept my offer you can contact me immediately. If you do
not accept can you forget I contacted you?

All I need is for you to get me a good current account in your bank where I can move this money. I will
discretely give you all the information concerning the account so that you can apply to the bank for the
release of the money.

There is practically no risk involved, it will be a bank to bank transfer. I hope you understand my situation.
Thank you and God bless.
Yours truly,

Mr. Mike Ato






1850000*0.03 = $55500 = 五萬五千五百元美金

以 美元兌港元 = 1 : 7.5 計算,換成港幣:

USD55500*7.5 = HKD416250 = 港幣四十一萬六千二百五十元



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